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LANEXUS Earns Another Positive Review On Clutch

Whether you’re a small independent business or a huge globally recognized conglomerate, having the right software for your business should be your first priority. Too often business owners make the mistake of not investing in good software development and it usually leads to more trouble than it’s worth. Sometimes, the software they invest in becomes something that doesn’t fit their needs so they are compelled to change their whole process to accommodate their failed software.

It’s not a cost-effective solution and if you want to grow your business, don’t take software development lightly and for granted. This isn’t a quick and easy fix for your software woes, it should serve as the foundation for your long-term success.

Different businesses have different needs. There’s no one software that fits with every industry. That’s why it’s imperative to look for a software solution that’s unique and specific to how your company operates.

Here at LANEXUS, we provide full-scale software development and highly skilled professionals ready to give you the best possible solution. We understand that no two businesses are the same so we make every effort to tailor-fit our solutions to your line work. With our high-impact digital products and services, we ensure your brand stands out from the competition and give you the structure to improve your operations.

We’re happy to know that one of our clients gave us another positive review on our Clutch profile. They’re a software services company who we helped augment its development team. There is no better feeling than clients showing appreciation for your work.  This is what they had to say about our partnership:

They were well-run. They sent us weekly status reports even though we didn’t ask for it and did more than what they needed to do. They were great at hitting deadlines on time, always going above and beyond. – Karl Garcia, Managing Partner of PowerStormTech

We’re also featured in Clutch’s sister company, The Manifest. It is an online platform that compiles and analyzes various business practices, innovative wisdoms from industry experts and a place where entrepreneurs can browse company descriptions to figure out strategies on which vendor to partner with. We are currently listed in their top 40 software development companies in Washington.

We are very thankful for the kind words our clients leave on our page. It means so much to us that they put the effort and take the time to give us positive feedback and reinforcement.

If you have any questions or are looking to get the best software solution for your business, talk to us now!

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Importance of Quality Assurance and Testing in Software Development

Do you ever wonder why your favorite video game character suddenly got stuck on the furniture even if the furniture is very small and your character can jump through it? Or your favorite dating app matches you with people that are not on your preference list, even if you have already set your preferences on the settings menu? 

Game bugs

These scenarios might be funny, but for others, it’s annoying and frustrating!

These are called “bugs” or “glitches”. According to an article by Game Dev Tycoon, these are game points encountered in the process of game development which represents flaws or unforeseen events in a game. Given this situation, how are companies making sure that they provide high-qualified, stable, and safe products? They do what the industry calls Quality Assurance. It may sound easy and straightforward, but it isn’t.

Quality assurance or QA is an undervalued part of the game development process. The effects of good quality assurance are completely invisible while the bad ones render the game unplayable. QA Engineers ensure that critical flaws, bugs, and issues are detected and then resolved before the software is published to its users.

how qA works

Quality Assurance verifies that the system is reliable and stable in the long run.  Below are some of the added value QA provides to the project and the whole company:

1. Quality stable product
Provide Stable Product

Quality Assurance testing verifies that the system would meet different requirements such as functional, performance, reliability, security, usability, and others depending on the type of project. Quality Assurance Engineers make sure that the product runs as intended and stable.

2. Reputation


The outcome of a product would determine the outcome of the company’s reputation. If a product comes out great, it would provide a good reputation for the company. Otherwise, it would be hard for the company to market other products because one of its products flopped. It is best to ensure that every product launched goes strictly into quality assurance checks to avoid it impacting your business in a bad way.

3. Safety


Performing Quality Assurance guarantees that products that are released to the general public are safe and is consumer-centric. This means that the product was made with the consumer’s safety in mind. Although unforeseen events cannot be prevented, it would be the least of problems for both the consumer and the company.

4. It saves money and time

Save Time _ Money

Providing Quality Assurance on projects saves money and time as these bugs and defects are found in the early stages of development and developers can fix them without releasing the game to the general public. This prevents game developers from releasing unintended game patches too often that would mean cost on the development of fixing these bugs in the release. 

5. Client satisfaction

Make the client happy

Quality Assurance makes sure that the requirements provided by the client have been fulfilled. 

Quality Assurance plays a significant role in any development process because it prevents unexpected defects during development and reduces the cost of the whole development process by releasing necessary patches.

By the way, LANEXUS provides Quality Assurance services for Automation and product testing which will help to launch high-quality products and make your project proficient and effective. 

If you’re interested in building an offshore team in the Philippines to successfully develop software for your business, feel free to  CONTACT US!

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6 Reasons Why Software Projects Fail

There are various reasons why software projects fail. Even small projects with highly skilled and experienced developers and testers are prone to failure. Here are the possible reasons that will affect the success rate of the project.

1. Not investing enough time and money in your team
Insufficient Time and MoneyDeveloping a software program or application is costly. Lack of budget is one of the primary reasons why software projects fail. After the software has been implemented and tested, maintaining it, in the long run, is another financial burden. This includes fixing bugs/issues, server, domain, and website hosting fee. Maintenance is included in the software development cycle.

2. Inaccurate estimates and bad planning

Inaccurate estimates and bad planningInaccurate estimates and bad planningMiscalculation of time also has a huge impact on the success rate of ta project. If the target release date of the project is too early, then quality would be affected because developers will have to rush on their code work. Some great features of the software might be skipped. Testers will also have a limited time, major bugs and issues might be ignored.

If the target date is too long or delayed, then sponsors might stop funding the project. Proper scheduling is a crucial method.

3. Unqualified resources (Substandard engineers)

Inexperienced Software Engineers

Lack of experience and skill is a major factor. Developers who lack skill will most likely take a long time to implement a feature or implement a feature successfully, but with poor quality and it doesn’t fit to the standards of the client.

4. No acknowledgment from user feedback means ignoring opportunities for improvement.

Lack of client feedback

Constructive criticisms, user feedback and suggestions from other people will enlighten more ideas on how to improve the overall usage of the software by adding more features or enhancing the existing ones. There will always be imperfections, even if the testing team gives a green light to publish the software. With the help of other people, even those who are not part of the development, we can detect more quality issues.

5. Unclear requirements

Unclear requirements

The software has too many excessive features. These are features and functionality that is not really needed or not part of the project. This will make the software less visual appealing to the clients and users. It might also affect the performance of the software because more features will require more computing power. Most users will prefer straight-to-the-point usability.

6. Poor communications

Poor communications

Poor or lack of communication also has an impact on the success rate of the project. The language barrier and cultural diversity affects communication between developers, testers, designers and other people who are involved in the project. Some projects are handled remotely. People in this kind of projects usually communicate using voice and video chat applications. There are some factors that are beyond control, such as loss of electricity and internet instability. Communication is always better when it is being utilized in actual face-to-face talking.

If you’re interested in building an offshore team in the Philippines to successfully develop software for your business, feel free to CONTACT US!

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Top 5 Best Apps for Working Remotely

In these difficult times of COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have been forced to start working from home. It is a fact that working from home isn’t for everyone, however with the right equipment and following the advice of those who have been doing it for years, it can be as productive or more than from the office.

Our team is not exempted but we are adapting to this new normal they called teleworking. Here are the top 5 applications that will help you with your teleworking, from well-known applications to applications you may not have known you needed.

These applications will help you manage your work from home more easily and be more productive


#‍1 Zoom (For Meetings)


Zoom is one of the best applications to make meetings either with your team or with your customers and besides standard features for video meetings and presentations, it offers real-time chat, video recording, screen sharing, calendar integrations, and even virtual background and “touch-ups”.

It’s a classic that couldn’t be missing from this list.


#2 Google Drive (For document creation, cloud storage, file sharing, and collaboration)Google Drive

Google Drive makes the creation and sharing of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files an easy and effective way to collaborate with others remotely. It also gives you fine-tuned control over who can see your files and what they can do with them.

The no-frills cloud storage encompasses a suite of online office apps that are comparable with Microsoft Office. Google Docs (the word processor), Google Sheets (the spreadsheet app), and Google Slides (the presentation app) can import, export, or natively edit Microsoft Office files, and you can use them to work together with colleagues on a document, spreadsheet or presentation, in real-time if you wish.


‍#3 Google Calendar (To get organized with all your tasks)

Google Calendar

You don’t need any complicated calendar application when you have one with everything you need from Google. Google Calendar is a great time management tool for keeping your schedule straight and coordinating with teams and customers for meetings, work sessions, vacations, etc.


#‍4 Slack (To communicate with your team)


It’s one of the most popular team communication tools nowadays, and it also has video calling, file sharing, and integrations with other remote working tools like Google Calendar and Jira.


#‍5 Trello (Collaborative Task Manager‍)


Trello is a visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your tasks and projects and share them with all the members of your team.

We know it can be a challenge when you’re not used to it but in the end, it’s all about productivity, once you start being productive in a place outside your office, everything starts to fall into place and you start realizing the benefits of working remotely.  

‍All the applications on the list have free versions, which means you won’t need to pay anything!

I hope this helps. Let us know in the comments below. Follow @LANEXUSLLC for more content like this.

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Event General

Supercars Track Event sponsored by LANEXUS

Tuesday, September 1, 2020
Summit Point Motorsports Park (Main Circuit)

Explore the true nature of your Supercar!


Sterling Motorcars will be hosting a Supercars Track Event on September 1st, 2020 at Summit Point with supercar owners including Lamborghini, Mclaren, Ferrari, and more. It will be a great day for supercar owners to experience a High-Performance Driving at the track, with professional in-car instruction, training, and coaching!

LANEXUS is sponsoring the first-ever broadcast live from the track of this event.  Our team will be hosting this streaming event with Allie Alton, one of our Project Managers as the emcee, in partnership with KJ Scuderia.


Watch some stream highlights of the event below:

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