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Software development is one of the most demanding jobs in the IT industry. As the number of programming tasks steadily increases, the demand for top talent is also growing. However, finding these talented developers is not always easy, which is why many IT companies are now outsourcing for help. Here at LANEXUS, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of our work but also on the quality of our people. 

Over the years, we've created a team of highly qualified software developers who can produce world-class software solutions in various industries. Having to screen people remotely and handpick the best out of a thousand prospects has become natural to us. With our A-team recruiters, we have developed a system that ensures the quality of our talent by relying on three components: Candidate Screening, Coding Challenge, and Technical Assessment. Each part serves a different purpose but depends on each other to guarantee the integrity and quality of our team.

Candidate Screening 

The first thing we do when a candidate applies to work with us is validate the qualifications through a paper screening of their CVs. Our HR team will interview the candidate to determine their level of interest and motivation for the role. During the interview, we seek to better understand a candidate's background, experience, skill set, and career goals before passing them to the next phase.

Candidate screening is the most crucial part of the process since this stage helps us weed out the unqualified candidates and ensure that we only bring in those interested in the position and passionate about the work they will be doing. 

Coding  Challenge

The Coding Challenge is a test administered to every candidate to determine their ability to complete a challenging programming task within a specific timeframe—this module tests the candidates' coding and problem-solving abilities and their communication skills. These challenges are carefully structured to mimic real-world situations that the team may face ensuring that the candidates have the skills needed to complete the project and adapt to our corporate culture.

We give the candidate a set of problems to solve and asked to explain their solutions and discuss the reasoning behind their decisions. After each challenge, the candidates are assessed based on their work quality and ability to communicate their ideas effectively. Candidates who pass on both criteria are scheduled to participate in a technical assessment conducted by one of our engineers.

Technical Assessment

Our senior development team conducts our technical assessment under the supervision of a hiring manager or a leadership team member. The technical evaluation aims to assess how the candidate performs on a technical challenge and whether they meet our technical requirements for the position.

During the assessment, we ask candidates questions to gauge their understanding of software development concepts and demonstrate their problem-solving ability. Depending on the nature of the position and the technical skills required for the job, the technical assessment may include tasks such as whiteboard coding, creating a software application from scratch, or designing a prototype for a proof of concept. We also ask candidates to demonstrate their creativity by developing new ideas and solving problems outside the scope of the assigned tasks. Candidates are evaluated based on their performance, communication, and problem-solving abilities at the end of the assessment.

Our clients can conduct their assessments during the selection process to confirm the suitability of a candidate’s skills and determine the level of engagement required for the projects.

All successful candidates who complete the assessment and interview process will proceed to full-time employment. We don't just hire the right people - we make them better at what they do by providing them with continuous training and certifications to help them acquire new skills and advance in their careers with us.

We aim to provide the best engineering talent to forward-thinking companies who share our passion for creating innovative software solutions that delight our customers and build lasting value for our shareholders.

Are you looking for an experienced and motivated software engineer who will embrace your business challenges and turn them into innovative solutions? If so, you have come to the right place! 

We have a large pool of experienced, qualified, and motivated professionals available to work on your project as a team and share one common goal: to help you succeed. With over 120 team members on board with a diverse background in software development, we have the expertise needed to build custom software solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

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