Progressive Web Apps Essentials: Understanding the Benefits

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) exist as a middle ground between your normal responsive website and a native app. these are fast, cost-effective, and easily discoverable. They should be leveraged as part of any new and existing mobile strategy.

It works like a regular website but can only offer user functionality in native apps.

Why do we need them?

They are relentlessly fast.

They quickly respond to user experience, and you can smoothly scroll through pages without interruption.

High on reliability

Users' content loads instantly even when the connection is poor, becoming a reliable source of information. Therefore the users are likely to visit more often.

Highly engaging

PWA utilizes a full screen, similar to a native application. This makes them highly engaging and usable.

Cheaper than Native apps

Since they are only web pages, they’re much more economical and do not use device storage.

Below are some of the best Progressive Web Apps of the 2019 platform build an app:

Sample Progressive Web Apps

Among other reasons, React lets you port applications to native apps easily.

Which of these tools best suits your needs?

Have a project in mind?
Let us know. We’d love to help out.

Have a project in mind?

Let us know. We’d love to help out.