The Challenge

The client needed a fully functional team to work on a same physical location that can help them develop both firmware level and iOS/Android level applications for their sprout system in an aggressive timeframe to keep up with the company's production schedule.


The Solution

LANEX assembled a team specializing on firmware and mobile application development and worked on an environment that replicated sensor-based control box which automates dosing, irrigation, and other farm electrical equipment.

Implemented Features

Alesca Life Technologies creates next-generation urban farming solutions using advanced software technology. The sprout system is cloud-connected sensor box coupled with the most advanced grow management smartphone app directly linked to the AlescaLife analytics and optimization platform. (www. alescalife. com)

IoT Development

The team's recommendation to use Raspberry Pi as the core hardware for integration along with other required sensors that can be easily procured and cost-effective for mass production helped the client in accelerating both hardware production and software development.

AWS Cloud and Bluetooth connectivity connectivity

The team took advantage of AWS to attain high uptime and stability and for situations with no internet connection, the software leveraged the latest Bluetooth access protocol as a means to achieve 100% connectivity between the Sprout system and user's mobile application.

Android and IOS support to manage the sprout system

The team supported both iOS and Android as these are the two devices being used by the clients target demographics.

Secured OTA support

In order to achieve that the sprout system and user application are up to date interms of features and security, they have supported On-The-Air updates to the clients mobile whenever a new system version is available.

Technologies Used