Extranomical is a tour company that provides camping tours in some parts of the USA. The company provides small group outdoor adventure experience. The system they wanted Lanex to make is an internal application that would improve their business.


The Challenge

The client needs help in purchasing booking slots for a parking space in a campground. They need to purchase multiple parking slot rights per month. Originally they were making the purchases manually which takes time and there is a possibility that someone else purchases the parking slots before them. They want a system wherein they can create a schedule when and what parking slots to purchase


The Solution

Lanex created a web application for the client to schedule a booking and an automated system to run and purchase the parking slots from the third party.

Implemented Features

Internal Site

A web application is provided for them to schedule the purchasing of parking slot bookings in designated campgrounds.

Automated Script

An automated script that would handle the purchasing of the scheduled bookings from a third-party service provider.

Technologies Used