The Challenge

ReviewBuzz needed to scale their development team and partnered with Lanex. The local development team's challenge was to keep up and dive into the company's recurring platform in order to build and improve the direction of the product architecture. With complexities in the platform's functionality and with a litany of pressure, the team's challenge was to keep up and deliver on time whilst on a product revamp.


The Solution

Lanex primary role is to help in putting into actions the architecture that RB have been planned for their platform. From monolithic architecture, we move to a micro-services pattern in order to achieve a maintainable, testable, and scalable platform that we’ve been aiming for. It allows us loosely coupled the business logic into small services which gives a better picture of the platform as a whole.

Implemented Features

ReviewBuzz is a webapp that gives customers a suite of tools to manage their online reputation and the relationships that influence it.

Rewards Functions

Integrated a reward system which allow the clients to reward their employees based on their reviews. Employees has the ability to request a reward using points which they earned from their reviews and surveys

Review Generation

Features that allows the client to request for reviews using text message and email communications.

Review Management

Implemented a dashboard where the client can easily sort and filter by employee, location, review site and channel. The client will also get an alerts for negative reviews which they can easily respond.

Third Party Integrations

Integrate with industry-leading software such as Service Titan which allows the clients to send automate review requests

Review Sites (Auto-Detection)

An auto detection feature that allows the client to set a priority to their list of review sites. The system will automatically directs the customers to the review sites that matter most to them.


The system provides a KPIs lets the clients know exactly how their company and team are performing.

Technologies Used