After a successful fiscal year of 2018, the Lanex team has decided to do a rebrand of the old website, and give it new vigor. Leveraging 25 years of experience in bespoke software development and design.

The redesign’s goal was to showcase the companies services, experience and how Lanex’s client are happy with the services provided to them. With Case Studies as a pivotal point to showcasing what the team has done, technologies used, and the bigger challenges that was infront of the development team, and how they overcome this.

Homepage design

With the redesign of the website, a number of things had to be re-imagined, removed, and improved upon. Away from a template-esque design. See the old design here and the live version for comparison

New Pages

The old website only had one page. A very small amount of content, and an outdated design. The Lanex team had wanted to change this, improve upon on it, and leverage the redesign for new purposes such as information decimation, SEO, and potential gateways for potential clients in the future. A new careers page, case studies page and services page. The new website is now more usable, have more information, and better design.


With the redesign, the Lanex team wanted to create a cohesive design that showcases tech, simplicity but still catches the eye.