3 Fundamental Skills and Characteristics of a Great Software Developer

Today, there is a massive demand for software developers in the IT industry. Many companies hire top-tier software developers who can write solid code and have other important intangible traits.

There are many technical skills to consider, like writing clean code, debugging, and other core skills needed for the job. However, success in software development requires more than just excellent coding ability; you need to have non-technical skills and other qualities to stand out and maintain a competitive edge.

At LANEXUS, we have been able to identify three qualities that set a great software developer apart from the crowd.

Highly reliable and responsible

Highly reliable and responsible

A highly reliable and responsible software developer puts a premium on quality. They think that the Quality Assurance (QA) team is more like a gate to pass by, not a group of testers. It is hard to find bugs from the work of a great software developer because they thoroughly test their work by adding extra layers of testing and save time from finding bugs in their code.

Great software developers are highly reliable and responsible. They take and follow up on a task very well. They make sure that it is working well on production. They will go above and beyond to establish more clarity around the task by building reports for better visibility. They will evaluate numbers and take pride in the quality of work they deliver.

Good business acumen

Good business acumen

Great software developers understand the goals and objectives of the company and how it makes money. They are practical in using technology and do not restrict themselves to a particular language or framework. They choose tools and technology to use that will add value to the business.

These developers think of the trade-offs and the cost to benefit ratio in solving a problem. They make sure that the solutions they will provide save resources for the company and customers.

Ace team players

Ace team players

Great software developers always look out for the whole team and help others get better. They are excellent mentors and love to learn together with the team. They help junior developers when they are stuck, teach new skills to others, and write documentation to contribute to the company's knowledge database and the developer community. Great software engineers have this innate ability to translate technical jargon and requirements into simple layman language.

A great software developer always has time to help teammates while managing his time and work simultaneously.

Take note of these qualities if you want to stand out in the job market. Many companies offer valuable compensation packages to hire great software developers. Others look at new outsourcing models like staff augmentation, where they can employ curated premium talent on demand.

Staff augmentation is a cost-effective outsourcing model used by companies when large-scale or important projects require additional technical resources to complete. Staff augmentation agencies, like LANEXUS, help you get the work done by providing you with the right and top-tier talent for each project.

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