Team behind Lanex US

Meet the people behind the name. We are a team of people that excel in our craft, but Lanex is just more than skill-sets. We are committed to over-deliver, and create solid personal relationships.

We believe that talent is not only the card in our deck, while it can take us far, it won’t take us to the finish line. Lanex operates on values that drive us to be the best we can possibly be.


Casual and Fun

Our work environment is casual and fun, promoting creativity, professional maturity, and shared responsibility with the client delivery goals in mind.

Continous Learning

The Lanex management team believes that to be the best, you have to constantly be learning. That's why self-study, flexibility and adaptability are one of the core values we live by.

We believe that remote work can be both efficient, and fun.

People over Profits

We love working with people. Better yet, SMART people. Because for us, success is measured by positive and experiences, and not quarterly profits. We make great efforts to to sorround ourself with the best and passionate so that we can learn, and grow with them.

Keeping it Real

Regardless of rank, we treat everyone as equal. With respect, and honesty. Transparency is also the core tenents that we abide by, and we believe that the business will be more successful if everyone knows what their roles are and how they are helping the company.

Work to Live

Work is just a just a small piece of our lives, and we like to keep it that way. Since our strength comes from our employees, we encourage them to work hard, study, and play hard, and rest harder. Whenever the opportunity arises, we encourage everyone to cultivate their passions, be it gaming, or something else.

A global workforce, Interconnected with One Goal

the Management team

Allan Freinberg Chief Operating Officer
Takayuki Kobayashi Chief Executive Officer
Wayne Steven Wing Director
We are Hiring, Join us.

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