Every start of the project, a smart team, expert resources, and a dedicated project manager should be part of the group dynamic. All involved should have commitment to the group. Share similar visions for the project, and strive for the general good outcome of the project.

These are things that Lanex managers, and engineers do on a project that leads to its success:


Excellent Engineers

With 25 years of bespoke Software development experience, Lanex engineers are a multi-faceted, highly-skilled individuals that have no problem focusing on the clients needs first, and the projects success. Recruited from the best schools, and with the culture of self improvement and continuous learning, Lanex engineers are always up-to-date with the current tech trends and software.


Good Planning

Thats why, with Lanex, we set aside adequate time for comprehensive planning, that sets up the project for success from the start. Knowing in which direction the project is going to go. Planning can help the team meet deadlines, and the stay organized. Not only that, but good planning can keep the project team focused and on track.

There are untold benefits to having a smart plan before a project starts. It allows reliable, and realistic time-scale to be developed. A clear documented milestone, and deliverables that will make it easier for the project manager to assess what is needed, and relay it to the engineers.

Lanex Engineers use a wide variety of tools in our disposal to create a timeline of action-items needed to be done, and create a project plan, and accurate end date.


Open Communication

Keeping a keen eye on the details, and information about the project is vital to it’s success. Having an open communication between the project manager, the engineering team and the client is absolutely essential. When working under a deadline, it is important that the project manager keeps the team informed, and if a problem arises, it should be related to the client so that everyone is on the loop.

Good communication also includes knowing when to say no, and find compromise when it comes to project specs. Saying no to a feature that has a good chance of creating unnecessary problems along the line.