With high retention rates from our multiple clients, and long standing relationships, Lanex has provided services that has improved internal and external processses for our clients. Here are some of our biggest clients that we've worked with.

Biggest news media company in Northeast of Japan and client for 25 years!

Japanese Expressway Company and client for 10 years.

Software vendor for the biggest telecom compan in Japan, and has been a client for 10 years

One of the biggest railways company in Japan, and we have developed multiple softwares for 4 years.


Financial technology, often shortened to FinTech or fintech, is the new technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services.[1] It is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance

urban farming

Scheduled tasks, and accurate actions for different farming conditions. Lanex delivered software that helps farmers, and managers alike do extensive tasks, and create better yields.


On-demand route planning, fully integrated warehouse management, and accounting system. Lanex created a business solution designed to unify and streamline core business operations for midsize to large companies.

it consulting
& management

Lanex provides and help organizations improve their overall performance. Companies draw upon Lanex's 25 years of experience of managing client relationships, and employee retention and use those information to create an objective advice to improve company stats.

artificial intelligence
& machine learning

Lanex uses Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to create bleeding edge results, and solutions to tasks that are well take care of by learned programming, and letting computers do the hard work instead of doing things manually.


The division of retail banking that deals with lending money to consumers. Lanex created a way for business to provide a wide variety of loans, including credit cards, mortgage loans, and auto loans, and can also be used to determine loan rates taken out at either the prime rate or the subprime rate.


Lanex has provided software for Japanese hospitals to use for tracking with room availaibility, medications, invoicing and customer service. Connected to the hospital VoIP solution, a fully integrated workflow was create for better processing and workflow


With social media, and people awareness being a big part of marketing for businesses. Lanex engineers has helped with creating software to streamline reputation management into one tool.

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