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the challenge
To create a system that improves the process of recruitment.
The client is looking to provide job recruiters a tool that will help them gather and filter out job applicants.
Help improve communication between job recruiters and their peers.
the solution
Lanex created a communication system that enables faster turnaround time between job applicant and job recruiters.
Job applicants can send a message to a recruiter to give his/her intent to apply for a job.
Recruiters can also create customized list of questions that a job applicant can answer while undergoing the recruitment process.
Implemented Features
Applicant Messaging
Messaging Bot
Interview Scheduling
Job applicants are able to communicate with recruiters by multiple means like SMS, Facebook messenger, and webchat plugin.
The system has a messaging bot that can handle messages from a job applicant and perform a multitude of functions. Bots can handle messages from job applicants and they can respond to messages based on the message it receives.
Job applicants are able to schedule an interview with a recruiter using our messaging platform.


Technologies Used


Management Technologies
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