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Extensive Portfolio from a variety of Industries

With 25 years experience of bespoke Software Development, and office expansions to Tokyo, San Francisco, Australia and Cebu, Philippines in the past 10 years. Lanex is trusted as one of the competitive and leading development agencies in the industry.

What we've done

25 years of software development. Backed up by Japanese work ethic, and management from the west. Lanex Inc. delivers unparalleled quality to software and design.

Using traditional methods, there is little room for error and even less room to take advantage of opportunities. Because our system utilizes short term sprints and iterations, space for mistakes and the ability to capture opportunities for quality development and updates is engineered into the methodology.


Technologies we use in our Craft

We love working with Lanex. They are professional, dependable, and an expert in their field.
The communication in our projects has been a greafactor in the success of our
endeavors and I would refer them to all of my friends and family.
Park Centrale Building, 14th Floor
Cebu City, Philippines
+63 32 402-0145

7th Floor, Fuji Kasai Sendai Bldg
1-8-3 Ichibancho Aoba Sendai Miyagi
980-0811 Japan
+81 22 224-7625

We work in an Agile way, with teams in Sendai and Tokyo
Japan as well as Cebu City, Philippines.

We are the agency that never sleeps - meeting tighter
deadlines without compromising on quality.

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